Technology is our passion. We are inspired by the new concepts and methods of work that emerge every day and change the world around us. We dive into the study of this particular field and then apply its principles in personal and partner projects in order to evaluate the power of these technologies and gain in-depth understanding and experience.
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The use of AGILE and DSDM principles.

AGILE and DSDM development principles are more than new techniques of management and development. This is a state of mind which in combination with a set of methods provides for an in-depth interaction within the projects of our company.

Reasons for using these principles.
  • Increasing transparency during the project development process.
  • Customer involvement in all stages of development.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Reducing time for commercial distribution.
  • Quick changes in the product to follow the market changes.
  • Using the maximum potential of our employees.
The percentage ratio of the fine points of our projects:
  • Web development: 60%
  • Business analytics and processing of large data: 25%
  • Built-in engineering systems: 15%