MUSQOGEE cooperates with startups wishing to implement their ideas as well as with investors that want to invest in the development of promising projects, providing technical support at any level.


If you are a promising startup with great ideas, but you lack technical background or funding, then you have come to the right place. Our specialists and dozens of investors that are looking for worthwhile ideas are at your disposal. In addition, if you want to invest your resources in the development of an ambitious project, but do not have enough technical data to evaluate its feasibility, MUSQOGEE will help you find innovative ideas and assess their prospects.

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Do you have a

Do you have an original idea, but you lack the experience to evaluate the possibilities and challenges for its implementation? Do you want to create something exciting, but you don’t have financial and technical support?

How can your idea be implemented?

  • You must submit an application describing the main idea and your vision
  • We carry out a comprehensive analysis in order to evaluate the chances for success of your idea and select the technologies that will be effective for its implementation
  • If the idea is feasible, we are going to finance it ourselves or attract investors who would be interested in it
  • Implementation of ideas. Promotion and support.

Investment system

  • You must submit an application describing your investment opportunities and the desired fields of investment
  • We select a project that meets your wishesof your idea and select the technologies that will be effective for its implementation
  • We develop the concept of the future project and coordinate all the interaction details
  • We start the project.
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Want to be an

Are you looking for promising startups for a reasonable investment? Do you lack sufficient technical knowledge to determine the feasibility of the project? Do you want to invest in modern projects?

How we work

Having extensive knowledge of technologies and experience in the development of various IT projects, we can comprehensively evaluate the prospects of the idea and the feasibility of the project. We will develop a concept and the roadmap for implementing the project as well as we will select the best technologies that will be used in the final product.

MUSQOGEE will be your technical support and a trusted partner, combining progressive ideas of startups and financial capacity of investors.

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