Based on our experience, we can offer a list of services that includes, but is not limited to, the following segments:
- 01 -

Comprehensive software development.

Musqogee has extensive experience in developing programs for all platforms from the development of simple web applications to extensively distributed software solutions.

Website Development - a website is the cornerstone of any business activity on the web. MUSQOGEE creates professional cross-browser websites and web applications that look equally good and work on any browser running under any operating system.

Mobile App Development - if you need a closer level of interaction with the user, our vast experience in developing mobile Android and iOS applications is at your disposal. Your mobile application will work on the user's phone even in the absence of the Internet, use data on geo-location, and sensors for any advanced functionality.

Native Apps - Musqogee develops software for any operating system, including both server and user software.

Distributed Apps – we develop applications of any complexity running directly on many servers, distribute the load, users, and data.

IoT, Wearable, Blockchain Apps - for businesses at the forefront of technology that need software logic for the Internet Things, Wearables, etc. Many modern companies will benefit from our experience of developing applications on Solidity for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

- 02 -

Design and creative

Musqogee's young team of designers, always with a fresh and creative state of mine, will create a pleasant and functional graphic component for any IT project. Whether it's a website design, application interface or advertising materials of any format, you will be satisfied with the result. MUSQOGEE designers can create the style of your brand from scratch or work with the existing brand book.

  • Website design
  • Mobyle apps design
  • Native apps design
  • Banners & Creatives
  • More...

By ordering the development of a project with us, you can be sure that the user will get a stunning and intuitive eye-candy experience.

- 03 -

IT projects and networks

Do what's important. Do not waste your efforts to maintain an inefficient IT infrastructure, if it is not the primary activity of your company. Leave your IT system in the hands of MUSQOGEE team. Whether you need an infrastructure from scratch or to optimize and maintain the existing one, we will take up this business with enthusiasm.

  • Creation of local networks
  • Server configuration
  • Design of distributed systems
  • CDN setup

We will take care of all your IT segment so that you can focus on the growth and development of your business.

- 04 -

Marketing and promotion

No matter how ambitious a project is, it cannot develop successfully without attracting potential customers. Today, Internet marketing has become a complex ecosystem in which search engine promotion, promotion on social networks, paid and partner advertising and much more are closely intertwined.

Analytics is another important element of web promotion. How do attracted users behave on the website? Where do users stop without making a purchase and why? What sources of traffic give more purchases and are cheaper? Without answers to these and many other questions, it is impossible to build an optimal advertising campaign and outperform competitors.

MUSQOGEE has all the necessary know-how for the development, launching and analytical support of advertising campaigns, regardless of their complexity and budget. During long and highly effective years of service, we have collected a unique set of tools in this area that allows us to increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign as well as reduce the cost of its running.