A young IT company focused on advanced technology and the flexibility of the development process. We are able to run projects of any complexity from a simple site to complex distributed IT systems.
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Why we?

We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that IT is changing the world for the better.
  • Innovation

    We realize that the use of new technologies such as Blockchain, BigData and AI, change the world completely and provide new solutions to many practical problems. Therefore, in-depth study and application of such methods allow us and our partners to be always one step ahead of competitors.
  • Complexity

    Our team consists of specialists who cover a vast range of modern technologies from web design to the development of Blockchain systems. These technologies allow us to quickly and efficiently set up an IT project regardless of its complexity.
  • Flexibility

    No matter how difficult a task for our customers might be, we will find the best solution for its fulfilment within the shortest possible time. Using development approaches such as AGILE and DSDM gives us greater flexibility and allows us to adapt to the fast-changing environment and meet customer requirements.
  • Quality

    We enjoy doing our job and we are really inspired by modern technologies. Therefore, we take care of our projects in the best way possible. A sophisticated IT system regular as clockwork is our basic principle of work.
  • Efficiency

    The valuable experience of MUSQOGEE specialists has made our team a real coherent IT production line. This allows us to fulfil the tasks of our customers with maximum speed without compromising on quality.


The use of AGILE and DSDM
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  • Increasing transparency during the project development process.
  • Customer involvement in all stages of development.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Reducing time for commercial distribution.
  • Quick changes in the product to follow the market changes.
  • Using the maximum potential of our employees.
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This is us